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Old Superfresh going organic; Clipper Mill Inn loses karaoke

So that's it, then. No more Superfresh. The grocery store at 1020 W. 41st St. closed its doors July 6 and is awaiting a revamp and takeover by its new owner, Mrs. Greene's Natural Grocery.. The grocery store at 1020 W. 41st St. closed its doors July 6 and is awaiting a revamp and takeover by its new owner, Mrs. Greene's Natural Grocery. Depending on whom you talk to, this is either a welcome change or a very upsetting disruption.

I've been unable to get a comment from the new owners about when they'll be opening, what kind of grocery store it will be, and whether the Superfresh employees will be rehired, among other questions.


From the research I've been able to do so far using reports in grocery-store trade publications (yes, I was as surprised as anyone that there were grocery-store trade publications), it looks as though the new owners are planning a new type of hybrid market that will mix organic, natural and general groceries.

Honestly, an organic grocery is just the thing Hampden needs. I tend to spread my shopping over several markets to find everything I need. But a hybrid organic/mainstream market in Hampden would definitely help me cut down on travel time.


Sadly, speaking of food, Soup's On, 842 W. 36th St., will be closing its doors in mid-July. Cynthia Shea's eatery has been serving delicious soups, salads and sandwiches to the community for eight years, and she will be missed, as will her tuna salad sandwich, which, for my money, is the best in Baltimore.

But fear not,Hampden foodies, the space will not sit vacant. Cynthia tells me there already is an exciting new restaurant ready to move into the space, which over the years also has housed The Golden West Café, Rose's Cookies and the Whiskey Island Pirate Shop. Nothing official has been announced just yet, though.

Meanwhile, a new record store has opened at 718 W. 36th St. Jojo South Records moved from its Charles Village location to Hampden, bringing the number of record stores in the neighborhood to three, (including The True Vine and Celebrated Summer).

Rumor has it a fourth record store is planning to open by summer's end. I'll have more info on that as I'm able to gather it.

Since we're on the subject of music, I must sadly inform you that The Clipper Mill Inn, aka The Bottom, aka The Bloody Bucket, 1619 Union Ave., was once home to the best karaoke in Baltimore.

I say "once" because Baltimore City, unfortunately, has shut down the music at the establishment for lack of an entertainment license. Evidently, anything requiring a microphone falls under the scope of entertainment. Boo, Baltimore City. Boo!

The Clipper Mill Inn is still a great hang out, though, even without karaoke. So please don't let the suspension of karaoke put the kibosh on a good time.

And finally, the most anticipated Hampden show of July is the Cass McCombs Band with Lower Dens, on Saturday, July 16 at the Golden West Café, 1105 W. 36th St.. Tickets are $12 and on sale in advance at Atomic Books, 3620 Falls Road. Don't dilly-dally. This show will sell out.