Hairston to meet with state lawmakers in Towson


Members of the county's General Assembly delegation are scheduled to meet with county schools superintendent Joe Hariston Tuesday, May 31 at 4 p.m. to discuss issues ranging from teacher salaries and staffing to the use of school grounds by outside vendors in craft fairs.

In April, after state legislators had raised questions about these issues, Hairston had been expected to address the points at a Board of Education meeting, but did not.

A few days later, Hairston met with Senate and House delegation chairwoman Sen. Kathy Klausmeier and chairman Del. John Olszewski Jr. over breakfast, which annoyed some legislators.

Sen. Jim Brochin, who represents the 42nd District, which includes Towson, said at the time that "I am very disappointed . … (Hairston) has to answer to the entire legislative body, and that didn't happen."

Olszewski said last week that the May 31 meeting will be open to anyone who wishes to attend.

"Yes, open to all," he said.

Brochin said his chief concern at the meeting will be why teacher positions are being eliminated through vacancies and attrition when administrators are not?

"One hundred and ninety-six teachers aren't going to be teaching next year who are an integral part of the school system … when hundreds of administrative positions aren't being eliminated through attrition. I think it should be the opposite," Brochin said.

Baltimore County Public Schools spends $1,591,247 annually in salaries for nine top administrators. That includes Hairston ($307,872), new Deputy Superintendent Renee Foose ($214,000) and seven assistant superintendents.

It was the hiring of Foose in April that prompted elected officials in both Towson and Annapolis to raise the salary issue.

The May 31 meeting will be held at the schools' Greenwood offices, 6901 N. Charles St., Towson, in board room A.

Steve Schuster


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