November election may be a distant memory but election violation allegations may be coming back to haunt some candidates

The campaign trail may be a distant memory for candidates as the Nov. 2.  election is long over.  But, some of the complaints that popped up during the campaign still linger on.

According to Jared DeMarinis Director - Division of Candidacy and Campaign Finance ¿with the Maryland State Board of Elections, the following are complaints filed or received by their office regarding Baltimore County candidates for the Nov. 2 election:

Joe Bartenfelder - authority line violation

William Paulshock - residency in question

T. Scott Beckman - authority line violation

Joe Hooe - authority line violation

Cal Bowman - Hatch Act violation

Ben Lawless - residency in question

John Olszewski, jr. - registered a complaint against an unknown entity for an authority line violation

Rebecca Weir Nelson - registering under alternate name without proper affidavit

Stephanie Boston - received a contribution from state agency

DeMarinis said that all of the above names will be forwarded onto the State Prosecutors office, with the exception of the Bowan complaint because a Hatch Act violation would fall under federal jurisdiction.

Jim Cabezas, the Chief Investigator with the (Maryland) State Prosecutor’s office said his office has a policy not to comment on incoming  complaints.

And,  his office is unable to comment on any pending investigations.

“Our policy once a complaint is received  ... we review (the complaint) to determine if an investigation” should be launched, Cabezas said during a telephone interview with the Towson Times on Tuesday.

As the Towson Times previously reported, William Paulshock, a Kingsville resident ran against Mike Ertel (D) in the primary election for the 5th District County Council seat. He listed his voter registration address at a home that fronts his seafood and catering business in the 9000 block of Belair Road. He really lived in the 3rd District.

As far as John Olszewski, Jr. -

The younger Olszewski is a delegate in Annapolis and is not to be confused with the County Council Chairman "Johnny O", Olszewski, Sr.

According to Olszewski, Sr., someone wrongfully used his son's name on a postcard with a ticket on it, without using his/her name.

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