Balto. Co. liquor board chairman refuses to step down

Baltimore County's liquor board chairman refused to step down this week after he was asked to resign by County Executive Kevin B. Kamenetz's administration, a spokesman said.

Thomas Minkin, who was appointed to the board by former County Executive James T. Smith Jr. in 2003, was asked to resign as chairman by Kamenetz's administrative officer Fred Homan, said spokesman and chief of staff Donald I. Mohler III.

He said the county executive instead wants someone he "knows, who he is comfortable with" in the position. "It's fairly routine" Mohler added, for a county executive to make replacements in various county offices.

Minkin has not made any indication that he would resign before his term ends in June, Mohler said.

Minkin, who was not immediately available for comment Friday night, is an attorney with the law firm of Peter G. Angelos and became chairman to fill the vacancy created by the death of longtime liquor board Chairman Philip R. Leyhe Jr. in 2006.

When asked who Kamenetz might want to replace Minkin, Mohler said his office had "no ideas at this particular time."

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