Baltimore County

Customer crashes SUV into E. Baltimore animal hospital

A customer crashed her sport utility vehicle into an East Baltimore animal hospital Wednesday, causing severe damage to the storefront but leaving all of the animals and staff inside unharmed.

Mary Hall was bringing her sick dog to Eastern Animal Hospital Tuesday morning. While parking her Ford Explorer, she apparently became distracted and accelerated instead of braking. She broke through a brick wall and a large window and drove into the employees' lounge.


She is OK, as is her 8-year-old West Highland Terrier, Katie. But employees won't be lunching in their lounge any time soon.

"We have a lot of damage with our entire lounge filled with glass, brick and drywall," said Kristy Twining, hospital manager. "I guess we will have to be really creative about where we have lunch for a while."


No employee was injured nor were any of the animals in the hospital on Eastern Avenue at Kane Street. A construction crew is already on site, assessing damage and starting cleanup.

Hall went through with the visit. Katie's blood work turned out fine. The Explorer looked none the worse after the accident, but was towed to a local body shop.

Twining drove dog and owner back to their home in the neighborhood.

"There are no hard feelings," Twining said. "Our client even said she would be back."

A previous version of this incorrectly listed the city in which the accident took place.