Baltimore County

Woman drops suit against Ravens' Suggs

The mother of Terrell Suggs' children asked courts this week to dismiss a protective order and a $70 million lawsuit she filed against the Ravens linebacker, and an attorney for the player said the couple is trying to reconcile.

On Thursday, Suggs and Candace Williams quietly returned to the Baltimore District Courthouse where they appeared a month ago for a hearing on her allegations that he had struck her and threatened to drown her with bleach. This time, Williams was petitioning for the court order to be rescinded. They embraced in the hall after the judge granted her request, according to Suggs' attorney.


Records show that Williams' lawsuit filed in Baltimore County Circuit Court was "voluntarily dismissed in its entirety" the same day.

"They're trying to work out their relationship," said Lynn Hoffman, an attorney for Suggs. "The two of them, they could be sitting side by side right now with their kids."


Hoffman said the dismissals were not the result of an out-of-court settlement.

Williams' attorney, Eric Gordon, said he would not comment on the cases other than to confirm that his client had initiated the dismissals.

Williams alleged in a petition for a protective order filed Dec. 4 that Suggs struck her and spilled bleach on her and their 1-year-old child Nov. 29 after an argument over game tickets, acknowledging that she had spit on him and kicked his arm.

She subsequently filed a petition for custody of the children and a civil lawsuit, alleging assault and battery. The lawsuit also contained allegations that Suggs broke her nose Nov. 3.

All of the allegations were made in civil court, and Suggs was never charged with a crime.

At a hearing Dec. 11 on the protective order, Suggs agreed to stay away from Williams and to pay her $35,000 a month to cover expenses for their children. They agreed to joint custody and worked out a schedule for unsupervised visitation, with Suggs' mother, Laverne, acting as an intermediary.

Williams sought the use of an $800,000 Windsor Mill home owned by Suggs' mother, where the couple had lived after a flood damaged the player's home, but she settled for use of his 2008 Hummer.

Suggs and Williams sat a few feet apart during the hearing and did not make eye contact, and Williams refused to hug Suggs' mother afterward.


With the protective order rescinded, the terms of the agreement are no longer in place, Hoffman said.

"He's obviously happy that this is all behind him, and he can move on now with his kids," she said.

Records show that the custody complaint remains active.