Baltimore County

Rosedale train crash investigators wrapping up on-scene work

The National Transportation Safety Board expects to conclude by week's end its on-scene investigation of the railroad crossing derailment and explosion in Rosedale.

The agency, which has been gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses since the May 28 accident, hopes to debrief John Alban Jr., the driver of the truck that slammed into the CSX train, who was hospitalized after the crash and was recently discharged.


Completion of the investigation and a determination of what caused the crash will most likely take a year or more, NTSB officials said.

Investigators will use evidence and measurements collected at the scene for a computerized re-creation. They also continue to seek video and witnesses to interview for a fuller picture of the crash.


NTSB has said the train had a forward-facing camera, and videos from surveillance cameras on nearby buildings have emerged that show the collision between Alban's truck and the train.

NTSB requests witnesses to the collision and explosion email

The afternoon collision led to a fire, which triggered an explosion of chemicals on the train that was felt around the region, breaking windows, knocking pictures off walls and dropping ceiling tiles. No one but Alban was seriously injured, but nearby businesses in the industrial area were damaged, some heavily.

The area has since been cleared and trains are running normally, NTSB said Wednesday.

At the ungated grade crossing where the collision occurred, the train conductor blew the train's whistle three times, and the whistle was sounding as the train struck the truck, NTSB officials have said. The train was traveling from Selkirk, N.Y., to Waycross, Ga.