Democrats want Redmer to prove he's not campaigning for Baltimore County executive on state time

Baltimore County’s Democratic Party is calling on Republican county executive candidate Al Redmer Jr. to release time cards from his job as the state’s insurance commissioner.

“For the sake of transparency, he should release his time sheets to clarify the required separation between his campaign and his work for the state,” said Tara Ebersole, chairwoman of the Baltimore County Democratic Central Committee, in a statement Tuesday.


Redmer is facing Democrat Johnny Olszewski Jr. for county executive in the general election in November.

During an interview on WYPR radio last week, Redmer was asked if he would release his time sheets. He responded: “Those are personnel records and I don’t understand, I don’t know what the rules are for releasing those or not.”

Redmer said he was not campaigning on state time.

Later, he told The Baltimore Sun he has used vacation time as needed for campaign events.

“I am running the Maryland Insurance Administration and also using annual leave to campaign when the opportunity exists,” Redmer said.

The Baltimore Sun has filed a Maryland Public Information Act request for records of Redmer’s work hours since Jan. 1.

During the Republican primary, Redmer’s opponent, Del. Pat McDonough, filed a complaint with the state’s ethics commission that Redmer was campaigning on state time.

Hannah Marr, a spokeswoman for Redmer, said the candidate turned over schedules, emails and phone records to the commission but has not heard yet of any resolution to the complaint.

McDonough also complained Redmer had a conflict of interest to be both a candidate and a regulator of the insurance industry. Redmer says he has declined to take campaign donations from people or companies in the insurance industry. His campaign finance reports show he has returned some contributions from people who work in insurance.