White Marsh police shooting victim resisted arrest before

Baltimore County Police are shown at the scene of a police-involved shooting.
Baltimore County Police are shown at the scene of a police-involved shooting. (Jessica Anderson)

The White Marsh man fatally shot by Baltimore County police Wednesday night was known to work on neighbors' cars and bring them big pots of "s'getti."

"I was kind of shocked when all of this went down. He wasn't very big," said Curtis Gardner, a lifelong friend of Arnett Myers. However, Gardner added, "he had this history" with police.


Myers, 57, who police said reached for one officer's gun before a second shot him, was found guilty in 2006 of assault and resisting arrest. He was sentenced to eight months' incarceration and two years' probation, online court records show.

Gardner said Myers lived alone but had family nearby; a sister declined to comment. Myers was a mechanic and enjoyed working on cars.


Gardner went to his friend's apartment Thursday morning to clear out Myers' belongings. The only remaining sign of the shooting the night before was a rubber glove left in the parking lot. Myers' motor scooter remained parked outside the door.

Police were originally called to the nearby Colony Motel, where a manager, Lora Wolf, complained that Myers was riding his scooter around the motel after she had asked him repeatedly to leave.

"I almost feel inside it's my fault," she said Thursday morning. "I just wanted the police to tell him not to ride in my lot. I really felt bad today. I didn't want this to happen."

She added, "I feel sorry for him, that he died, and for the police officer. He was just doing his job."

Wolf said Myers had shown up in the parking lot of the motel several times, causing a disturbance. On Wednesday night, she said, he had driven the scooter in circles around her and her grandson after she asked him to leave.

At one point, Wolf said, Myers pulled away and reached for what she believed was a gun, which turned out to be his cellphone. She eventually got another manager to ask him to leave.

She said she called police after he left, fearing he would return.

After speaking with Wolf at the Colony Motel, the officers drove to Myers' apartment, a few hundred feet away in an old motel building.

They learned he had an open failure-to-appear warrant for child support noncompliance and attempted to arrest him. Police said he resisted and reached for one officer's service weapon, attempting to pull the gun out of the holster.

Fearing for their safety, policer said, another officer fired his service weapon several times, fatally wounding Myers in the chest. The officer, who has not been identified, was placed on routine administrative leave.

Neighbor Linda Ward said she heard the confrontation outside her apartment. She saw Myers lying on the sidewalk and officers with their guns drawn.

She said police performed CPR and assured him help was on the way, but Myers died outside his apartment. She said his body remained underneath a white sheet for hours as police collected evidence and took photographs of the scene.


Ward said Myers, who was known as "Charlie," would work on her car and sometimes brought her food. She found it hard to believe that he would be in an altercation with police, she said, because he "wouldn't hurt a flea."

This was he second police-involved shooting in Baltimore County this year. An officer wounded a 40-year-old woman in Pikesville on May 11.

In September, two officers got into a scuffle with a man police believed to be breaking into cars in Dundalk. In that incident, police said the suspect also fought with officers and attempted to grab one officer's gun, and the other officer fatally shot him. Both officers were cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting.


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