A sexual encounter involving a girl and several members of a Baltimore County junior varsity boys football team has led to the cancellation of the team's Friday game and concern among parents, a school district official said Thursday.

The incident — involving players and a female student at Essex's Kenwood High School — took place on school property and was consensual, according to district officials.

School officials decided that, because of the encounter, the Kenwood Bluebirds junior varsity team should forfeit its game against Baltimore's Eastern Technical High School, said Phyllis Reese, spokeswoman for Baltimore County schools.

A county schools spokesman said Friday that about six students were directly involved in the incident, though others may have had knowledge about the incident and didn't report it.

The Kenwood principal, Paul D. Martin, sent a letter home to parents this week. In the letter, obtained by The Baltimore Sun, Martin said, "We have discussed this with the members of the team and explained that this situation is to be a time where they reflect upon their level of participation in this event and how this situation reflects upon the rest of the student body of Kenwood High School."

The principal added that "any attempts to contact the young lady, to continue discussing the situation, and/or making threats towards students who may or may not have been involved in the investigation will not be tolerated."

Appropriate disciplinary measures were taken against all who were involved, spokesman Charles Herndon said. While the district cannot say specifically what sanctions were taken against which students, he said the infractions involved could lead to a suspension under the county's Code of Conduct.

Baltimore Sun Reporter Erica L. Green contributed to this article.