A fire damages multiple homes in the 100 block of Highshire Court in Dundalk.

A fire that spread across four homes in a Dundalk neighborhood displaced 21 people Tuesday night, a Baltimore County Fire Department spokesman said.

“I was in shock,” Denise Davis, who lives in the 100 block of Highshire Court, said. “There was black smoke everywhere.”


She said she first smelled the smoke around 10:30 p.m. Then she heard the sirens.

"I ran out here and told everybody, 'come to my house, you don't have to sit here and watch this.'"

She took in two families who were watching their homes burn.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Davis said. “I would want someone to take care of me if something like this happened. They were really shaken up, but they’re hanging in there.”

There were no injuries resulting from the fire, although one resident was checked out by paramedics and a firefighter "fell through the roof" of one of the homes, fire department spokesman Nicholas Tyson said.

"And they are OK," he said.

The firefighter got himself to safety and was cleared by medics at the scene, Tyson added.

Baltimore County firefighters were aided by crews from Anne Arundel and Baltimore City in a large scale operation that stretched from Highshire Court down to where Sollers Point Road meets Portship Road.

“Crews worked efficiently. They did what they were supposed to do and it went smoothly,” Tyson said.

Bill Gaydos, lives on the block where the fire started, although his home was spared any damage. He was huddled around neighbors in the early hours of Wednesday morning as firemen maneuvered with equipment through his backyard to rear of the homes, which suffered the worst from the flames.

“We’re still trying to put it together,” Gaydos said. “We just hope they’re OK.”

Firefighters tended to “hot spots” and ran fans to push smoke from the adjoining homes as the operation started to wind down around 1 a.m. Tyson said a team from the American Red Cross was en route to aid the families left homeless by the fire.