Tractor trailer crashes into pick-up at Fort McHenry tolls, forcing lane closures

Several toll lanes on southbound Interstate 95 prior to the Fort McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore were closed Tuesday afternoon after a tractor trailer collided with a pick-up truck at one of the toll entrances.

The accident, reported to Maryland Transportation Authority officials about 5:18 p.m., forced four lanes of traffic to be closed as hazardous materials crews responded to 20 gallons of fuel reported to be spilled on the roadway, said Tamory Winfield, a MdTA spokesman.

No injuries were reported, but the lanes — No. 15 through No. 18 — could remain closed for some time, Winfield said shortly after 6 p.m.

First Sgt. Jonathan Green, a MdTA Police spokesman, said the accident appeared to involve the tractor trailer, the pick-up truck and one other passenger vehicle.

Green said the tractor trailer appeared to have driven up onto the back of the pick-up truck, which along with the spilled fuel could complicate the clean-up.

"With diesel fuel on the wet roadway it makes it real slick, so they have to get it all cleaned up before they can use the roadway again," he said.

Two vehicles entangled can also be a "recipe for a lengthy clean-up because they're going to have to lift the one vehicle off the other," he said.

Green said he did not know how the third vehicle was involved.

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