Baltimore police on alert for early morning robberies

Baltimore police have increased patrols in north and northeastern Baltimore after a series of early morning robberies along The Alameda corridor.

Police say the robberies have occurred between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m., targeting people on the street or at bus stops. Blocks hit by the suspects include the 4400 and 5500 blocks of The Alameda, the 1100 block of E Northern Parkway, the 800 block of Argonne Drive and the 1500 block of Winford Road.

In a Northern District email to neighborhood leaders, Maj. Kimberly Burrus, the commander of the district, said the latest robbery came at 5 a.m. Wednesday in the 3300 block of Beech Ave.

Two suspects got out of the rear of a car and approached a man, who fled and made it home to report the incident. Baltimore police spokesman Det. Jeremy Silbert said patrols have been increased in north and northeastern sections of Baltimore in response.

Police did not say how many robberies have been reported.

The attacks followed a series of street robberies this summer, many of which also occurred in North Baltimore. In those cases, suspects drove into areas and surprised joggers or pedestrians, beating some and stealing their cell phones and other belongings. One man was shot. The spate ended after police arrested a crew of juveniles they said were linked to 20 incidents.

In the latest string of attacks, police said the suspects have been reported to be armed with a gun, knife and machete or sword.

Police described one person as a black male of dark complexion of average height and slight build who has worn a dark hoodie, short hair and a black neoprene face mask. A second person was described as a black male about 5-foot-10 who wore what appeared to be a green hoodie, short hair and a similar black mask. Police said a third person was a black male who wore a gray hoodie and was slightly taller than the second suspect. He also wore a black neoprene mask. All suspects are believed to be between 17 and 21.

Police said the trio has been reported in a four-door silver or gold colored sedan that may be a late model Nissan Maxima or Chevy Impala with dark tinted windows.

Police asked residents to be on alert when outside and asked anyone with information to call 911 or the Northern District detectives at (410) 396-3105.

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