Baltimore City

The Daily Beast: Baltimore ranks 20th in smartest cities list

Baltimore ranks 20th in The Daily Beast's "America's Smartest Cities" list, down 10 positions from last year, according to the site.

The Daily Beast ranked the country's 55 largest metropolitan areas with 1 million people or more, looking at the number of residents over the age of 25 with bachelor's degrees and graduate degrees, compared to the overall population over age 25, which accounted for half of the ranking. The site also identified the number of nonfiction book sales, the ratio of colleges and universities and the number of libraries per capita. Last year, the website used voter turnout instead of the number of libraries.

The Daily Beast gave Baltimore a score of 115 with a metropolitan population listed as 2,690,886 with about 20 percent of residents with bachelor's degree, 15 percent with graduate degrees, and 2,303,000 adult nonfiction book sales.

The top five cities are Boston, Hartford-New Haven, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Raleigh-Durham and Denver.

Boston was given the top score of 176.68, moving up from the No. 3 position. The site lists the city's metropolitan population was listed at 4,588,680 with 24 percent holding bachelor's degrees, 18 percent with graduate degrees, and has a year-to-date 7,031,000 adult nonfiction book sales.

The Daily Beast ranked Las Vegas last with a score of 3.33, a metropolitan area population of 1,902,834 with 14 percent holding bachelor's degrees and 7 percent with graduate degrees and 1,069,000 adult nonfiction book sales.

In 2009, Baltimore ranked 10th, while Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Boston, Minneapolis, and Denver made the top five. Fresno, Calif. was the last in 2009, according to the site.