Councilmen propose lower fines for double parking in city

Three months after city officials approved higher parking fines, two Baltimore City Council members have proposed lowering fees for double parking.

When council members voted to increase fines for obstructing traffic or "blocking the box" at intersections, they more than tripled the penalty for double parking — from $77 to $250.

Councilman William H. Cole IV and Councilman James B. Kraft, who represent Central and Southeast Baltimore neighborhoods where parking is scarce, introduced a bill at Monday night's council meeting that would lower the fine to $100.

Cole said his office had fielded five calls from residents in the past week who complained about receiving the pricey tickets.

"They're unloading their groceries or carrying their kid in and they come back and find a $250 ticket," he said.

The council's taxation and finance committee will schedule a hearing on the bill in the coming weeks.

An earlier version of this article stated incorrectly that City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young proposed increasing the fine for double parking to the current levels. While he supported the increase, he did not propose it.

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