Baltimore installs traffic speed cameras around 11 city schools

In Baltimore’s latest push to expand its fleet of traffic cameras, city officials announced Friday the installation of cameras near 11 schools.

The cameras, which went live Friday, can capture photo and video footage of vehicles that exceed the posted speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour. The devices will operate in the school zones Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. year round.


The city has been working to increase its number of traffic cameras, which bring in millions of dollars in revenue annually. The number of traffic cameras went from 56 to 100 in 2017 and about 37 were set up in new locations over the summer.

Baltimore transportation officials on Friday announced they were adding 37 new traffic camera locations throughout the city — including 27 new sites for speed cameras.

The city expects to collect $21.2 million this fiscal year from its camera network — nearly triple the amount budgeted for last year and close to the record $31 million in fines issued in 2012. The system was shut down in 2013 for issuing erroneous tickets.


Speeding violations carry a fine of $40.

Schools where cameras have been installed include:

» Patterson Park Senior High School in the 200 through 400 blocks of Kane Street.

» Hilton and Edgewood elementary schools in the 2400 through 3300 blocks of Hilton Street.

Baltimore officials announced Friday they were expanding the city’s speed and red light camera system — nearly doubling the size of the program as it sends out millions of dollars in fines. 

» Lockerman Bundy and Mary Ann Winterling elementary schools and Franklin Square Elementary-Middle School in the 100 through 400 blocks of Monroe Street.

» Lois T. Murray Elementary School and St. Elizabeth School in the 4100 through 5000 blocks of Hillen Road.

» Frankford Elementary School, Thurgood Marshall High School and Moravia Park Primary School in the 5200 through 6400 blocks of Frankford Avenue.

» Friends School of Baltimore and the School of the Cathedral in the 4700 through 5400 blocks of North Charles Street.

» Walter P. Carter Elementary School and Blessed Sacrament School in the 1000 through 1200 blocks of Argonne Drive.

» Garrett Heights and St. Dominic elementary-middle school in the 2100 through 3000 blocks of Echodale Avenue.

» Callaway Elementary School in the 3000 through 4000 blocks of Wabash Avenue.

» Forest Park Senior High School and Garrison Middle School in the 3800 through 4300 blocks of Liberty Heights Avenue.


» Liberty Elementary School in the 3000 through 3300 blocks of Garrison Boulevard.

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