Baltimore's public markets: Health Department closures since 2012

A rat nosing around behind a glass case at a bakery stall prompted the latest of over a dozen closures at the Baltimore’s public markets.

Lexington Market, where the rat was spotted, has racked up by far the most violations from the health department. But Northeast Market — which closed Tuesday for a rat infestation — and Cross Street Market have faced closures as well.


The violations run the gamut from faulty refrigerators to food being kept at improper temperatures and a lack of soap to rodent and insect infestations.

Baltimore City Health Department reports from Lexington Market — and elsewhere in the city — can be found on its website.


Lexington Market:

July 12: Buttercup Bakery has been temporarily closed after video depicting a live rat inside a display case was posted on Facebook.

July 12: Berger’s Bakery has been closed due to a fly infestation.

October 2016: Berger's Bakery was shut down for two days after inspectors discovered a roach infestation at the stand.

November 2016: A Konstant’s food stall was closed two days because of a fire.

Lexington Market will reopen Saturday after officials closed the market Friday to address a rat problem exposed by a Facebook video depicting a live rat inside a bakery stall display case.

November 2014: Ronny’s Combo was closed for nearly a week for malfunctioning refrigeration units, cold foods not held at proper temperature, mouse infestation and unsanitary conditions.

September 2014: Park's Fried Chicken was closed for cold and hot foods not being held to the proper temperature, a malfunctioning refrigerator, hot holding units, insect infestation, no soap, no paper towels and general unsanitary conditions.

August 2014: Faidley’s Seafood was closed for rodent infestation, a malfunctioning refrigeration unit, cold foods not held at proper temperature and preparing steamed foods without proper license.

May-June 2013: Sandwich King was closed for nearly a month for a rodent and insect infestation, as well as unsanitary conditions.

December 2013: Chinese Pavilion was closed for a day for cold foods not being held at a proper temperature, a rodent infestation and unsanitary conditions.

December 2013: Italian Stallion was closed for three days for cold and hot foods not being held at the proper temperature, an insect and rodent infestation, employees mishandling foods and unsanitary conditions.

Northeast Market:

Jan. 2014: Jamie Wraps/Surf and Works closed for operating without a license.


July 2013: Fellner Meats closed for an insect infestation, unsanitary conditions and repeat violations.

Cross Street Market:

October 2012: Pretzel Twist closed for not having hot water.

Baltimore Sun reporter Christina Tkacik contributed to this article.

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