How do you make the most out of jury duty in Baltimore? Here's what readers had to say.

City officials are hoping to relieve some of the heartburn of fulfilling one’s civic duty, with a $500,000 new quiet room, where jurors can wait for their numbers to be called in library-like silence. (Kim Hairston / Baltimore Sun video)

With the addition of a new quiet room at the circuit courthouse, we wanted to know how Baltimore jurors make the most out of jury duty. To our surprise, the majority of people who submitted responses, seemed to enjoy fulfilling their civic duty. Here are the best ways to pass the time, where to find a faint internet connection, and where to go for lunch, according to our readers. Some answers shortened for clarity.

Helpful tips, ways to get work done

Find a spot near an outlet and get some paperwork done. Return emails and binge watch my favorite streamed shows. — Kirsten Ledford


Just bring a book and enjoy the wait...and bring a snack/drink! We weren't let go for lunch until about 1:30...For lunch, I'd recommend Pitamore at 30 Light St. The combo shawarma (lamb & chicken) was quite tasty! As for parking, Arrow doesn't really give a discount, you just get the early bird. ($12)..but it's a good location. — Ellen Kalb

I pop down to Nalley Fresh for lunch or even walk all the way down to the harbor.

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People go HAM on the vending machines. There are 4 located in room 314. By the time lunch came around, they were pretty scarce with options. — Reddit user in_your_face_smack

I pop down to Nalley Fresh for lunch or even walk all the way down to the harbor. I've never actually served as a juror. A long trial would be a financial burden for me, as I couldn't work and would have to pay for childcare. — Tracy Gold

There is NO WIFI. There is a faint Xfinity WiFi hotspot that you can intermittently connect to in the quiet room (room 340) if you sit near the last window on the far right end of the room (not the side where the bathrooms are but where the computer desk is). — Reddit user in_your_face_smack.

I pray that my number is not called. We are summoned to jury duty excessively. I get called almost every year. It is an uncomfortable lost day. — Ben Feldman

There are a BUNCH of outlets with USB 2.0 ports in the quiet room (room 340). I did check in room 314 for outlets and they were scarce. — Reddit user in_your_face_smack

The best place for lunch is, I think it's called Gina's. It has a buffet. — Jeannette Rufus

An opportunity to open a book

Jury duty gives me the chance to catch up on reading. As a student, I wait until after finals to do jury duty and read all the things I put off during the semester. I'm scheduled to do my third round of jury duty next month and I can't wait! I will NEVER divulge my favorite lunch spot. — Virginia Byrne

One day, I polished off The DaVinci Code.

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I no longer live in Baltimore, but when I did was called eight times in 18 years, and was empaneled twice. I always brought a book and sat in the quiet room. One day, I polished off The DaVinci Code. — Robin Westgate

I find the best way to pass the time is to ideally read a book or stream your chosen content. That requires a good WiFi connection, outlets, and quiet. Something I very much hope the county adopts from the City. The singular time I have served was during the summer months, and I was fortunate to be called in on a Thursday. This allowed me to take advantage of the weekly summer Towson Farmers Market, which I highly recommend! — Matt Peterson

Make the most of your civic duty with a positive attitude

I actually get a lot of work done during jury duty! I download everything I need ahead of time, go to the quiet room (the old, cramped one), and work on my laptop all day. Not having the distraction of fast internet proves fruitful for me, though it limits the type of work I can do. — Tracy Gold

It's a great space to just reach out and connect with others.

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I love jury duty. I have never entered jury duty without meeting new people from across the city, many of whom I end up finding I have shared connections with. Everyone reports in as strangers and yet we all walk out smiling and telling one another to take care of each other. It's a great space to just reach out and connect with others. We are one city but so rarely is a sample of us gathered in one space, like we are with jury duty. — Nina Kasniunas

It's our duty to serve! I really don't mind, while fixing up the quiet room. — Darnell Robinson