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Baltimore City schools students can get free bagged lunches

Baltimore schools students can get a free lunch at several locations across the city.

Baltimore City school students received free bagged lunches, including sandwiches and fruit, Monday at about a dozen places in Baltimore. The program will continue Tuesday. Jonathon Rondeau, president of the Family League, said the site locations are being determined based on which places are staffed and have clear pathways.

Residents should call United Way's 211 hotline or the city's 311 non-emergency number to find out where to go. Family League has also listed on its website. Most of the sites are places, such as recreation centers, where after school programs are typically offered.

Rondeau said no one will be turned away, as long as the site still has food. On Tuesday, brown bag lunches will be delivered to 19 recreation centers around the city and Arundel Elementary/Middle School from 1-2 p.m.

The Family League will evaluate how it will pay for meals later, Rondeau said. Giving children access to food while schools are closed is a priority, he said.

"Kids have been home since Thursday," Rondeau said. "We know families don't always have resources to make sure every child has access to food."

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