Baltimore has experienced more fatal fires in 2017 than at any point in the past five years, and is nearing the end of one of the worst years on record for fire deaths.

The city has reported 28 fire-related deaths through Friday, after the cause all three deaths from a Wednesdays morning home fire were found to be thermal injuries and smoke inhalation, the Baltimore Fire Department said.

That’s a sizable increase in such deaths over last year. Baltimore reported 16 fire deaths in 2016, the fire department said.

Fire Department spokeswoman Blair Skinner attributed the rise, in part, to the Jan. 12 blaze on Springwood Avenue that killed six of the Malone family’s children in one night.

This week’s fire is the fourth multi-victim fire this year. After the Malone family’s home burned, a March fire killed four senior citizens at a Northwest Baltimore assisted-living facility. And another March fire — on Greenmount Avenue — killed two.

Here’s a look at where the fires took place this year, according to the fire department.

Date Address Fatalities
1/12/174205 Springwood Avenue6
1/17/173428 Hilldale Place1
2/20/174602 Pall Mall Road1
2/22/171937 Edmondson Avenue1
3/3/172807 Lawina Avenue4
3/18/171233 Greenmount Avenue2
3/26/172700 West North Avenue1
4/2/171215 N. Spring Street1
5/16/17321 East 22nd Street1
6/12/17365 Bonsal Street1
6/4/17319 W. 27th Street1
8/2/171629 N. Payson Street1
10/22/174406 Clydesdale Avenue1
11/5/171526 Moreland Avenue1
11/12/17417 E. 21st Street1
12/5/172111 Belair Road1
12/13/17728 E. Cold Spring Lane3