A vehicle crashed into a CVS pharmacy in downtown Baltimore Friday morning, injuring three people.

An accident between a white 2003 Mercury Mountaineer and a 2005 Crown Victoria propelled the SUV completely inside the store, which is located in the unit block of Light Street, at around 10:47 a.m., Baltimore police said.


Light Street near Lombard Street was briefly closed while a towing crew extricated the Mountaineer from the store.

Kenny Johnson, who works security at a parking garage across the street from CVS, said he witnessed the crash.

"I was actually on my way to CVS when it happened," he said.

Johnson said he rushed to the scene to help rescue people hurt in the crash. He said he pulled out three people — two males and a woman — who were shopping inside the store.

The woman suffered a shoulder injury, one man received injuries to the neck and lower neck and a 17-year-old boy sustained injuries to his back, Baltimore Police said. The drivers of the vehicles are in good condition.

Deborah Bassi-Smith said she heard the crash from her home, which is near the pharmacy.

"I come here often with my husband," she said. "Thank goodness I didn't go in today."

Following the crash, the CVS storefront was destroyed and tire marks could be seen on a flower bed in front of the pharmacy.