Baltimore woman files lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein, alleging sexual misconduct

A second lawsuit over Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sexual misconduct was filed Thursday by two women, one of whom currently resides in Baltimore, according to the complaint obtained by the Baltimore Sun.

The two women accused the American financier of sexually molesting them at his Manhattan mansion 15 years ago. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in New York City, following Epstein’s death last week. On Friday, New York City’s medical examiner ruled his death a suicide. Prior to his death, Epstein was charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking.


The Baltimore woman wanted to remain anonymous, according a press release from The Bloom Firm, the Los Angeles-based law firm that is representing her.

According to the complaint, the Baltimore woman, identified as Jane Doe 2, was an aspiring model and a hostess at The Coffee Shop, a restaurant in New York City, when she encountered Epstein in 2004.

Epstein’s alleged recruiter, identified in court papers by the fictitious name of Sue Roe, approached Jane Doe 2 at the restaurant and told her that “her nice, wealthy client,” who liked “young, pretty girls to massage him,” the complaint stated.

Roe then offered Jane Doe 2 “hundreds of dollars” to give a brief massage to Epstein at his Upper East Side mansion and assured her that it would not involve unwanted touching or undressing, according to the lawsuit.

But during the massage, the lawsuit alleges, Epstein ordered her to undress and strip naked and later, sexually molested her. According to the complaint, Jane Doe 2 was made to be believe by Epstein and Roe that the incident was not a crime nor was she a victim of a sex trafficking scheme.

Thursday’s lawsuit accused Epstein of violating the federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

“We demand that Epstein’s estate to do right by all the girls and women he abused,” the Baltimore woman’s attorney stated in a press release.

The Bloom Firm was unable to provide more information about the Baltimore woman Friday.