Baltimore City

Filming paused in Baltimore for HBO series ‘We Own This City’ after production member tests positive for COVID-19

The filming of HBO series “We Own this City” in Baltimore was paused this week after one person tested positive for COVID-19, the network said Wednesday.

“While we can’t share any details regarding the production member that tested positive, [”We Own This City”] like all our productions has a strict set of protocols with testing and PPE in adherence to corporate, government and union guidelines, and a team in place to monitor that all guidelines are in effect,” an HBO spokesperson wrote in an email.


For those on set, HBO required COVID-19 testing at regular intervals. HBO also required individuals on the set to complete a daily symptom screening online, according to documents provided to employees.

Filming for the series is paused until Oct. 6, casting company Grant Wilfley posted on Facebook Tuesday. In a statement, HBO said filming will resume at “the usual shooting cadence” next week.


The crew had originally planned to shoot scenes depicting the 2015 unrest in Baltimore this weekend, but those scenes have been rescheduled, Grant Wilfley said in its post.

The series is based on a 2021 book of the same name written by Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton, which chronicles the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department’s corrupt Gun Trace Task Force. For years, members of the task force used their positions to steal money and drugs from citizens, and waged a campaign of deception that included planting evidence to incriminate the innocent.

The department began touting the task force in earnest after unrest roiled the city in April 2015, following the death of Freddie Gray in police custody.

About a dozen officers from the group have been imprisoned and hundreds of their cases against residents have been dropped. So far, the city has paid more than $14 million in settlements to victims of the task force.

The six-hour limited series is being produced by David Simon and George Pelecanos, executive producers of “The Wire,” and will star Baltimore native Josh Charles of “The Good Wife” fame, in addition to Jamie Hector of “The Wire” and Jon Bernthal of “The Walking Dead.”