Mt. Vernon, Pimlico first city neighborhoods to get new water meters

Baltimore neighborhoods Mount Vernon and Pimlico and Baltimore County's Bowley's Quarters will be the first to receive new water meters as part of system-wide overhaul, city officials said Tuesday.

Beginning in September, crews will install about 5,000 new meters in the city and 5,000 in the county, officials said. The new meters will use wireless technology. Residents will be able to continuously check their water use online, the city said.

The installations are part of an $83.5 million contract with Itron Inc. to upgrade Baltimore's water-meter system. City officials say the new meters will cut down significantly on erroneous water bills. About 200,000 new meters will be installed in Baltimore by 2016, with another 200,000 coming to Baltimore County by 2017, according to the city.

"Soon, there will be no such thing as an estimated water or sewer bill," said Rudy Chow, the city's director of public works.

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