Baltimore City

Update: Traffic officer hit near Camden Yards released from hospital

A traffic officer has been released from the hospital after being seriously injured by a car near Oriole Park at Camden Yards before Wednesday night's game, Baltimore police said Thursday.

The officer, a civilian working in Special Traffic Enforcement for the Department of Transportation, was hospitalized in serious condition after the accident at Howard and Lombard streets around 6:23 p.m.


The driver of the car was issued traffic citations, police said. The car had been traveling west on Lombard, and the driver stayed at the scene, police said.

Rush-hour and game traffic came to a near halt in parts of the city's downtown area as medics responded.


A witness, David Smith, said he watched from his car on his way home as the black sedan sped through the intersection and hit the traffic officer, flipping him through the air and onto the light rail tracks.

"The way he landed, it would send a chill down your spine," Smith said, describing the crash as "one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen."

He said he was pleasantly surprised the officer was being released so soon. And he said the incident made him more thankful for the role the Special Traffic Enforcement officers play in keeping the city safe.

"It makes you really appreciate them being out there," he said.