Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis on Friday asked the FBI to take over the investigation into the death of Det. Sean Suiter.

Suiter, a homicide detective, was fatally shot in the head amid what police have described as a violent struggle with an unknown suspect in West Baltimore two weeks ago.


Here’s a look at some of what we learned on Friday:

  • Davis said his homicide detectives want to solve the case on their own, but realize it isn’t a normal homicide case. Davis said he discussed handing the case off to the FBI with Suiter’s family.
  • Davis said he has not received an autopsy from the State Medical Examiner, but that it is still his understanding, following a preliminary report, that Suiter’s death is a homicide by gunshot. Davis said, “we will follow the evidence wherever the evidence goes.”
  • In response to questions, Davis says there is no evidence Suiter was contemplating suicide. Still, Davis had a conversation about that possibility with the Suiter family. He said suicide has been looked at as a possibility but is not considered probable and is not a leading theory now.
  • Davis says the second officer mentioned in a new indictment was suspended by him this morning. An unnamed sergeant named in the indictment retired in 2012.

Here’s what we’re still waiting to learn:

  • Will the FBI pick up the case? The FBI is aware of the request, but a spokesman declined comment.
  • And if the FBI does, what will the investigation look like? Davis said Friday that Baltimore Police plan to continue investigating the case to the fullest. The FBI and other agencies have been embedded with Baltimore police throughout the investigation since Suiter was shot on Nov. 15.