Baltimore City

Puppy stolen during Roland Park burglary

Peggy, a 3-month springer spaniel puppy, was stolen from her home in a burglary.

Ann Powell was leaving work Tuesday when police called her saying they were at her Roland Park house and there had been a break-in.

When she and her husband got home and took stock of what was missing, they saw their 3-month springer spaniel puppy, Peggy, was gone. They assumed she had escaped during the break-in and began canvassing the neighborhood, but after noticing that Peggy's leash and food were missing, they realized the dog had been stolen.


"It's just really heartbreaking to us," Powell said. "I took this dog from a breeder with the obligation that we were taking care of her and providing her a specific home. I feel like I let her down."

Police said they are investigating the burglary.


Also taken were a couple of iPad minis, some cameras and some jewelry, as well as car and house keys. Powell said the burglars didn't touch the house's laptops or other items of value. "It seemed as if someone was there for Christmas presents," she said. "They wanted to take things that appealed to them."

Powell said they got Peggy six weeks ago as an early Christmas present for her 6 and 9-year-old daughters, who are upset at the loss. The family is offering a $750 reward for the return of Peggy.

"We were looking forward to a relaxing holiday," Powell said. "Instead we're getting our ignitions rekeyed and our locks changed, and we don't have our dog."