Baltimore City

Baltimore police recover five electric scooters from depths of the Inner Harbor

At least five of the electric scooters that are now ubiquitous on Baltimore’s streets were sent to watery graves, according to the city police department.

Detective Jeremy Silbert, a police spokesman, confirmed that five of the two-wheeled contraptions were hauled up Wednesday from the Inner Harbor.


“Our Marine Unit and Dive Team are often called to help remove bulk items from the harbor,” Silbert said.

The recovery operation was spotted by attorney Bill King when he was on his way to work. Three or four people were involved — one of them in a wetsuit — along with beeping and buzzing equipment.


King said the scooters — and a wheelchair police also recovered — were “all covered in seaweed and stuff.”

King, who shared pictures of the effort to a popular Facebook group, said at least one of the scooters was definitely a Bird, one of two brands being tested in Baltimore.

A representative for Bird didn’t immediately respond to questions about the scooters found in the harbor, nor did a spokesperson for Lime, the other company.

In August, the Los Angeles Times reported that scooters in Southern California had been subject to all kinds of abuse — including being “crammed into toilets, tossed off balconies and set on fire.