A Baltimore Public Works employee who, according to a new report, made 17 tweets “that could be viewed by a reasonable person as intentionally racist, anti-Semitic, or derogatory” no longer works for the city.

The report released Thursday by Inspector General Isabel Mercedes Cumming says an unnamed employee who wrote the messages “is no longer employed by the City of Baltimore” after being investigated for the series of tweets in April and May.


A spokesman for the department declined to say Thursday when that separation took place.

In July, Councilman Zeke Cohen said Cumming’s office was investigating Crescenzo A. Gizzi, an inspector in the Public Works Department’s wastewater section, but the report does not mention Gizzi specifically.

A department spokesman declined to say whether the employee was Gizzi, and a call to Gizzi for comment was not returned Thursday.

According to the report, the inspector general found the 17 tweets might have been posted while the employee was at work and “without question ... not representative of all City employees or of the environment of inclusion and respect.”

“A review of the Twitter account identified 17 tweets between April and May of 2019 that could be viewed by a reasonable person as intentionally racist, anti-Semitic or derogatory,” the report from the Office of the Inspector General reads.

The Twitter account attributed to Gizzi had a trove of offensive images and posts when reviewed by The Baltimore Sun in July. Tweets contained racial epithets, swastikas, anti-immigrant language and insults to Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young and City Council President Brandon Scott.

The Twitter account captioned a photo of Nazi soldiers in France as “True Warriors" and “my kind of illegal immigrants” and used racist language targeting black people.

The Twitter account’s name, photo and handle were changed after The Sun’s article was published in July, and it was set to private after The Sun published a link to the updated handle.

Gizzi was hired in 1998 and most recently made an annual salary of $63,681, according to government records.