When a tree collapsed on power lines in North East Baltimore during Friday’s wind storm, the sparking electricity set fire to the tree itself and a nearby car — and turned a street sign into a kind of firework.

Kevin Jamieson watched the scene unfold over the street from his house in the Glenham-Belhar neighborhood and captured it on video.

A police officer evacuated people shortly after the tree fell, he said. Then the broken, swinging power lines start setting things around them and causing explosions.

In the video the police officer can be seen staggering backwards after one large boom. Soon thick black smoke is billowing into the air and the street throbs with the buzzing of electricity.

The lines can then be seen waving in the wind, sparking as they make contact with the street and a stop sign on the corner. At points, the sign is engulfed in a shower of sparks and hidden by blinding flashes of light.

About 12 minutes after Jamieson started filming, fire department crews arrived but at first stayed well back from the danger.

Jamieson said eventually the power went out to his house, he thinks because it was cut by BGE.

He isn’t alone. There are many outages around the region, with some power likely to remain out into the work week.