Lawsuit claims Baltimore police retaliated against whistleblower officer

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A former Baltimore officer says the police department retaliated against him when he reported an alleged misuse of resources during a marine unit salvage operation.

The Daily Records reports Jeffry E. Taylor asserted in his Dec. 28 federal lawsuit that he objected to removing a boat because it wasn't moored or anchored illegally. A resident had complained it was an eyesore.

The complaint says the boat was damaged and fuel spilled into the harbor. The unit's leader allegedly failed to contact the U.S. Coast Guard as required and adequately contain the spill.

Taylor says he was accused of being a "rat" after emailing a superior out of his chain of command. He says the unit leader retaliated after he filed notice of intent to sue.

City Solicitor Andre Davis declined to comment.

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Information from: The Daily Record of Baltimore,

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