Boy shot by Baltimore police awake, alert, feeling 'bad'

Baltimore police commissioner Kevin Davis talks about how the situation developed that led to the police shooting a youth carrying a replica gun. (Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun video)

Dedric Colvin flinched and sucked in his breath, as a nurse slowly unwrapped the bandages from his gunshot wound.

There was a small hole in the back of his right calf.


"How are you feeling?" he was asked.

"Bad," he said.


Dedric was recovering Thursday morning inside a room at Johns Hopkins Hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

The day before, the teenager was shot near his house in Southeast Baltimore, beside some basketball courts, by a detective, police said. Officers believed the boy was carrying a semiautomatic pistol, they said.

They said he ran when they told him to stop and he was shot, then they learned he was carrying what they described as a "replica" gun, a spring-air powered BB gun.

Dedric is an eight-grader at City Springs Middle School. On Thursday morning, one classmate, a girl with a crush on Dedric, cried a little at school, said Tyrone Carey, one of Dedric's brothers.

Volanda Young wanted a reporter to hear her son's account. The boy was probably scared and running away, she said.

In the room, Dedric's grandmother sat quietly beside his bed. Some officers had come on Wednesday, his mother said.

The boy was awake and alert, changing channels on the TV above his bed. He wore his hair long and it was spread on the pillow behind his head. He wore no shirt and panels for the monitors were pressed on his chest.

A bandage was wrapped around his left shoulder. He was shot twice, once in the shoulder, once in the leg, his mother said. His wounds were not life-threatening.

Now, the nurse was changing the bandages around his calf. She raised his leg to unwrap it, and the bandages were wet and pink against the wound. It hurt, he said.

Dedric asked what police have said about the shooting.

Police said two plainclothes detectives assigned to an intelligence section were driving in the 1100 block of E. Baltimore St. shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday when they saw a boy with what appeared to be a gun.

They said the detectives got out and identified themselves as officers. They said the boy began running and officers chased for about 150 yards, and one detective shot the boy. They released a photo of the gun they said he was carrying, a Daisy brand PowerLine Model 340 spring-air pistol.


"It's an absolute, identical replica semiautomatic pistol," Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said Wednesday.

Police continue to investigate the shooting.

In the hospital, Young left the room for a moment, and Dedric turned back to the TV. When she returned, she said any questions must wait.

Her attorney wanted to see her right away.

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