Naked jogger turns heads Monday in downtown Baltimore

WARNING: Partial Nudity. Police received reports of a naked jogger in downtown Baltimore Monday morning.

Chilly temperatures Monday morning didn't seem to deter a man who jogged naked in downtown Baltimore.

At a slow trot, the nude man turned heads as he went up Saint Paul Street and passed Mercy Medical Center near the courthouse. It was about 8:30 a.m., the morning rush hour.


News of the streaker was all the buzz among the hospital valets and the staff in the nearby public defender's office. On the street, people called to the man. They pulled out their cellphones for photos.

The nude man, they said, did not appear lost or confused. He seemed to be simply exercising.

Attorney Nicholas Panteleakis had stopped at a traffic light during his commute to the courthouse. He looked over.

"He literally was 5 to 10 feet from me," Panteleakis said, "buck naked."

He thought the jogger may have been wearing headphones. The man was not wearing shoes.

Soon the 911 calls came in to police. Officers drove up the street, but they couldn't find the unknown man, said Detective Nicole Monroe, a police spokeswoman. He could have been charged with indecent exposure.

Instead, the naked jogger had vanished.

"Is he going to do it again tomorrow? I don't know," Monroe said. "If he does, we'll be out there."