Two arrested after crash flips car in Baltimore

Two men were arrested after their BMW flipped in a crash while they fled from police in Baltimore Wednesday.

Two men were arrested after they crashed into an SUV and flipped their car while fleeing police near Maryland General Hospital in Madison Park Wednesday night.

At about 8 p.m. officers observed a passenger with a handgun in a vehicle on the side of the road near Hollins and Carey streets. The suspects fled when officers activated their lights and sirens, police said, and officers lost sight of the car.

Shortly after, the suspects were speeding east on North Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in a BMW sedan when they hit a black Chevrolet Suburban headed north through the North Eutaw Street intersection. The collision wrecked both cars — ripping off the front hood of the Suburban and spinning the vehicle around, while the BMW landed on its roof half a block away.

The men, who could be seen sitting in police custody on the curb, were handcuffed and led away. They face numerous traffic- and drug-related charges, police said.

No serious injuries were reported, police said.

Laura Finnegan, 22, said the traffic light had turned green, and she had just begun driving the Suburban through the intersection, when the BMW, "going at least 60 or 70" mph, slammed into her vehicle near the driver's side door.

"The cops ran up with guns pointed and pulled them out of the car," she said.

She said she was uninjured, although her head hurt and she had some soreness.

"I'm happy they're safe," she said. "And I'm wicked happy I'm safe."

Finnegan had moved to Baltimore, into a home a few blocks from the collision, three weeks ago. She said she'd been on her way home from a job interview to pick up her boyfriend, Burch Davis, 24, for dinner with her parents in Annapolis when the crash happened.

The Suburban had been in Finnegan's family since 2004, she said. "It's been to every music festival you can imagine," she said.

The relatively new city resident said she had been in car accidents before and wasn't too rattled by it. She praised the police for their response.

"Shout-out to the cops," she said. "They were here before I could get out of my car."

She said a SWAT team had been pursuing the BMW when it crashed.

Further information regarding tge incident will be provided when it becomes available, police said.

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