Grief and shock for family of slain Baltimore teacher's aide, assistant pastor

Grief and shock for family of slain Baltimore teacher's aide, assistant pastor
Latrina Ashburne (Courtesy Rev. Christian Hall / HANDOUT)

Lloyd Ashburne of Pikesville planned to host his family for a holiday weekend cookout Saturday. His sister, Latrina Ashburne, would cook for him and the rest of their extended family, preparing burgers and shrimp salads and shish kebabs.

Instead, he spent the day grieving his sister's death.


The 41-year-old woman was fatally shot outside the home she shared with her mother in the 2900 block of Rosalind Ave. in the Cylburn neighborhood of North Baltimore around 7:30 a.m. Friday, according to police.

Ashburne was among more than a dozen people killed this week in the city, which has seen more than 300 shootings this year. Police reported four additional, non-fatal shootings since Friday evening.

Police said Saturday they were continuing to investigate Ashburne's death, but declined to comment further. The department released video Friday of a man fleeing the scene of the shooting and called on the public to help identify him.

The motive of the shooter remains unclear, and family members said the incident is baffling given Ashburne's upstanding role in the community.

"How could this happen to her of all people?" asked the Rev. Christian Hall, 46, Ashburne's uncle.

Latrina Ashburne worked as a teacher's aide at Francis Scott Key Elementary School, according to her sister, Melody. There, she worked with special needs children, her sister said, a job she had had for more than a decade in various Baltimore schools.

Ashburne also served as an associate pastor at the Kingdom Restoration Center church on York Road, said Hall, the church's senior pastor.

"Growing up, she was very quiet," Hall said. But she "broke out of her shell once she became a minister.

"She was a powerful preacher," he said.

Ashburne was devoted to community service, her sister said, spending many weekend days serving food to the homeless and participating in clothing drives.

She aspired to establish her own ministry, her sister said.

The family moved to Baltimore from Brooklyn, N.Y., in the late 1980s. "We didn't know anybody here, so it was just us growing up," Lloyd Ashburne said.

Latrina Ashburne served as a surrogate parent for her five younger siblings, her sister said.

"My mom, she always worked two jobs and went to school, so my sister Trina, she was the one taking care of us, making sure we went to school, making sure we had food, making sure we had everything we needed," Ashburne's sister said.


The family has not completed plans for a funeral.