Baltimore City

Riverside residents find KKK flyers dropped outside homes in South Baltimore

Riverside residents are expressing concern after at least two residents found flyers containing Ku Klux Klan propaganda outside their homes this weekend in South Baltimore.

The flyer was distributed along the 1200 block of Riverside Ave., where 25-year-old Timothy Moriconi was shot and killed in late September. Suspects in his killing were arrested and charged last week.


Baltimore City Councilman Eric Costello, whose district encompasses Riverside, said a number of residents reached out to him with worries about the flyers.

A Riverside resident, who asked to remain anonymous due to safety concerns, said he discovered a flyer on his parking pad inside a plastic bag filled with birdseed over the weekend. The paper inside was covered with statistics linking minorities to crime.


“It’s like the same things you’d see on internet commenting boards,” the resident said. “The message is clear and it’s pretty unsettling.”

He’s lived in Riverside for six years, and said he can’t recall another incident like this.

“I’m not sure what to do because I’m not sure what these folks did was strictly speaking illegal,” he said. “It’s a middle-of-the-night sort of thing, and that I think speaks volumes about the people behind this.”

In a statement, Costello called the dissemination of the flyers “absolutely appalling.”

“It is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to fear monger and take advantage of a community in mourning,” he said in the statement. “I applaud my neighbors who have universally rejected this hateful behavior. This organization has no place in our nation, and is certainly not welcome in our city.”

KKK flyers weighed down with birdseed appeared at homes in Loudoun County, Va., this winter.