Chief of Patrol Rich Worley said Friday that the police deployment will be "similar" to that of late last Saturday night, after a large influx of young people arrived to the Inner Harbor. (Ulysses Muñoz / Baltimore Sun video)

Baltimore Police are bolstering patrols around the Inner Harbor this weekend after hundreds of teens crowded the waterfront last Saturday and some took to fighting and vandalism.

Col. Richard Worley said he also will station extra officers around the harbor in the weekends to come.


“We will have officers there to protect everyone,” said Worley, the chief of patrol. “We want everybody to come to the harbor and have a good time, including the young people. … But if you misbehave and break the law, then we have to intervene.”

Last Saturday, many teens spread messages online to meet in the Inner Harbor. As the day turned to night, the crowd swelled to more than 400, police estimate.

Baltimore Police video of Inner Harbor ruckus shows youth fights and serious assaults

Footage from Baltimore Police body cameras and the downtown Citiwatch surveillance network shows groups of youths breaking into fights at the Inner Harbor.

Most of the youth gathered peacefully, but as the night went on tensions escalated. Scattered fights broke out among the youth. Some tried to smash storefront windows, police said. Some walked in the middle of Pratt Street and blocked traffic. A half-dozen youths took a bicyclist to the ground and beat him. One teen jumped on the roofs of two parked cars. Another randomly kicked a passerby in the face, according to a video compiled and distributed by Baltimore Police.

Officers arrested six people and charged them with disorderly conduct, destruction of property, unarmed robbery and assault.

Meanwhile, police continue to search for eight teens who attacked a young couple outside an Inner Harbor steakhouse the night before. A 32-year-old woman was beaten in the face and hospitalized at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center, Worley said.

“It was a severe enough injury that at one point they thought she may lose her eye,” said Worley, adding that doctors no longer believe she will lose her eye. “It was a vicious attack — unprovoked at all. The couple were walking to their car.”

Police have made no arrests. Detectives are working to enhance surveillance camera footage and identify the attackers.

The couple was outside Sullivan’s Steakhouse on Light Street around 10:30 p.m. May 24 when the teens ran up. They gave no warning, Worley said.

“[They] never said anything,” he said, “just started punching and kicking them.”

The man was able to drive away the teens and call for help. The woman was left lying on the ground and bleeding from her head, police wrote in the report. She suffered cuts and bruises to her face and left eye and was hospitalized in serious condition.

The man suffered scrapes to his face and knee. He declined treatment. Police did not identify the couple.

Officers recovered surveillance video of the attack from the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor next door. Hotel officials declined to provide the footage to The Sun.

“You see the couple walk out and they have no idea the kids are there,” Worley said. “You see them come from the right and it’s just one after the other. They just attack them and they fall to the ground, and they're standing over them beating them and kicking them.”