Jason Hammond
Jason Hammond (HANDOUT)

The staff at Frazier's on the Avenue in Hampden didn't shave their heads by coincidence — they did it for the Ninja Bartender.

Jason Hammonds, 32, was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. Though the former "American Ninja Warrior" contestant was losing his hair as a result of chemotherapy, he was reluctant to shave his head. He worried that it would be a constant reminder to his wife, who lost family members to cancer.


"I didn't want her to see me as being sick," he said.

That's when his colleagues stepped up. After Hammonds initially backed out of plans to shave his head, Wes Bocian, 27, and Richard Kingsley, 32, marched into the nearby Old Bank Barbers.

"We said, 'Give us the cueballs,'" Bocian recalled. He said it was a small sacrifice to show support.

Norman Pope, a cook at Frazier's who is one of two others who shaved their heads, said it's no surprise the tight-knit staff is rallying around Hammonds. "We're co-workers, but it's like a family," he said.

Hammonds, a Hampden native who has worked at Frazier's for 10 years, won't be at his usual spot behind the back bar at Frazier's next week as he begins another round of chemotherapy. He said customers have been contributing to his medical bills; friends also started an online donation page.

"I'm gonna be all right," Hammonds says he tells people, noting the support of his wife, Kasey.