GoFundMe collects money to buy 'Ceasefire-Lady Mobile' for Erricka Bridgeford

She’s given a TED talk.

She was named “Marylander of the Year” by The Baltimore Sun after founding the Ceasefire Movement, an effort to bring peace to the deadliest big city in America.


She has visited the sites of hundreds of homicides around Baltimore, touching her forehead to the ground, burning sage, and praying that it doesn’t happen again.

But one seemingly prosaic fear follows Erricka Bridgeford wherever she goes: car trouble.

After having gone through two cars in three years, Bridgeford wrote earlier this month on Facebook, her latest vehicle is on its last legs. Poverty and bad credit prevented her from getting another one, and she wanted advice from friends on what to do.

“[B]eing scared every time I get in my car that THIS will be the day it breaks down,” she said, “this kind of stress is sometimes debilitating.”

In response, her friends started a GoFundMe to buy the community activist a car, or “Ceasefire-Lady Mobile,” in the words of a youngster.

Erricka Bridgeford, a lead organizer of the Baltimore Ceasefire movement, is The Sun's 2017 Marylander of the Year.

“Erricka needs a reliable car fast before her current one breaks down and leaves her and the Ceasefire team stranded,” the organizer wrote.

As of Thursday, it had raised more than $5,000 — a third of its goal of $15,000 — in the hopes of purchasing a used car for Bridgeford.

Reacting to the fundraiser, Bridgeford posted a video to her social media account in which she said, “My level of gratitude is just off the charts.”

Bridgeford and others started the Ceasefire movement in 2017, hoping to halt shootings for a single summer weekend with a unified and blunt message: "Nobody kill anybody." Since then, they have organized additional Ceasefire weekends each February, August and November as well as on Mother’s Day.