The electric, dockless Bird scooters are being used around Baltimore. (Jay Reed & Kim Hairston, Baltimore Sun video)

Whether you love or hate the Bird and Lime scooters — and now Lime bikes — that have descended upon Baltimore’s streets this year, the city Department of Transportation wants to hear from you.

The department released a survey on Christmas Eve to collect feedback on the six-month pilot program, which was announced along with the shutdown of the troubled Baltimore Bike Share system in August.


The five-minute Google Docs survey contains more than a dozen questions, including:

  • How often have you ridden a rental dockless scooter/bike?
  • Do you wear a helmet when riding a scooter?
  • Do you predominantly ride on sidewalk or street?
  • Have you personally experienced a crash involving a scooter?
  • How would you improve the shared scooter/bike service?

Most are optional; the survey requires answers to only your age range, whether you’ve ridden a dockless scooter or bike, and your email address.

The survey also instructs: “If you have specific recommendations to improve this program in your community, we encourage you to speak with your neighborhood association or email”