Baltimore City

Baltimore, DOJ consent decree timeline puts public hearing in April

A "public fairness hearing," where members of the Baltimore community will have a chance to comment on the proposed police reform agreement between the city and the U.S. Department of Justice, has been scheduled for April 6, according to a timeline filed in the case late Friday.

The timeline, filed jointly by both parties in U.S. District Court in Baltimore, also sets a March 7 deadline for written comments from the public.


The timeline "reflects best efforts to capture all deadlines in the Consent Decree and otherwise ordered by the Court," the two parties wrote. It also takes into consideration guidance that Judge James K. Bredar gave the parties in private on Feb. 1, following a hearing in the case in open court, it says.

The timeline is not binding, and may change, the parties wrote.


If Bredar approves the consent decree, it would not be until after the public hearing.

The timeline says that a request for applications from potential monitors to oversee the implementation of the consent decree would go out a week after Bredar's approval. The application period would last six weeks.

Based on that schedule, the selection of the monitor would not be until May or June.

The timeline says an official court order announcing the timing for written comments and the public hearing is expected Wednesday.

You can read the parties' full timeline filing here.