Woman killed, 7-year-old injured in car crash with Baltimore Light Rail on Howard Street

Woman killed, child injured in car crash with Baltimore Light Rail on Howard Street.

A woman was killed, and a 7-year-old child and a man were hurt when their car crashed into the Baltimore Light Rail on Howard Street downtown Thursday morning, officials said.

The child’s injuries were described as not life threatening and the 30-year-old man’s as minor, a Baltimore Fire Department spokeswoman said. The names of the three people in the car were not released.


The accident, which occurred around 7:30 a.m. at Mulberry and Howard streets, remains under investigation, officials said.

The sedan was headed eastbound on Mulberry Street when it crossed onto the Howard Street tracks and was struck, first by a southbound train, and then by an oncoming northbound train, police and fire department officials said.


The woman was pronounced dead at the scene, they said. The injured child and man from the car as well as the operator of the southbound Light Rail train were taken to hospitals, officials said. All three are expected to survive.

“I think she’s moreso in shock,” Baltimore Police spokeswoman detective Nicole Monroe said of the Light Rail operator.

It was not clear whether anyone else aboard the Light Rail was hurt. None of them were hospitalized, said Veronica Battisti, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Transit Administration.

Marvin Barber, who lives nearby, said he saw the car run the red light at Mulberry and Howard, then become sandwiched between the two Light Rail trains.

”One hit them this way; the other hit them that way,” the 42-year-old said.

North Howard Street was closed for most of Thursday as Fire Department crews brought in a hydraulic lift and other equipment to raise the trains and remove the crushed sedan.

First responders needed to extricate the people from the car, which was “wedged between two Light Rails,” said Blair Adams, the Fire Department spokeswoman.

Just after 11:30 a.m., firefighters successfully removed the woman’s body from the crushed sedan. They covered her body with firefighters’ coats and wheeled her on a stretcher to a waiting medical examiner’s van.

The MTA ran buses between the Camden and North Avenue Light Rail stations while the trains were not running, Battisti said. Light Rail service resumed around 5 p.m., once the scene was clear.

John Rodman, who lives in Lansdowne, said he had planned to take the Light Rail this morning but got on the Metro Subway instead.

”I’d’ve been on there,” the 42-year-old said.

Police investigators will review surveillance camera footage that may have captured the collision, and anyone with additional information is asked to call 410-396-2606.

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