Baltimore City Community College on probation

The commission that awards accreditation to higher education institutions has placed Baltimore City Community College on probation because of concerns about the school's ability to evaluate student learning.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education last month announced that it will review the school's accreditation after questions were raised over the "assessment of student learning" which "demonstrates that, at graduation, or other appropriate points, the institution's students have knowledge, skills, and competencies consistent with institutional and appropriate higher education goals," according to the commission's website.

The commission has requested a monitoring report in March, which requires improvements, such as, "the development, implementation, and documentation of an organized and sustained process to assess the achievement of institutional, program, and course level student learning."

BCCC, which has about 5,301 students, will remain accredited while on probation.

Recently, the commission announced that Baltimore International College, a private institution, which teaches cooking, could lose its accreditation in August. The commission cited problems such as an underdeveloped system for measuring educational results.

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