Technology from Baltimore-based Adashi Systems seen in viral Australia bushfire video

Firefighters recorded in a now-viral video trying to escape a raging blaze in Australia’s ongoing battle against bushfires used technology from a Baltimore-based firm to help get themselves to safety.

Posted by Fire and Rescue NSW on New Year’s Eve, the video shows flames surrounding a firetruck in New South Wales. At one point, a firefighter says “Jasper, put the blanket up” as flames come closer to the truck.


Fire and Rescue New South Wales Commissioner Paul Baxter told The Australian that crews were unharmed by the blaze but that the company lost two firetrucks.

The tablet seen in the video is not just an ordinary tablet but tech created by Baltimore-based Adashi Systems, and is actively helping them navigate the flames.

President Sanjay Kalasa said the company uses FirstResponse MDT, short for “Mobile Data Terminal,” which feeds firefighters live information about the location they’re responding to and other emergency personnel at the scene.

Kalasa, a firefighter in Montgomery County, said the crew was trapped in the truck as the vehicle caught fire and had to find help on foot using the technology.

“What’s scary is how much fire was around them,” Kalasa said. “They did everything by the book.”

The tech provides first responders with efficient map routes for how to respond to a scene as well as the location of other responding units, which Kalasa said the crew used to navigate out of the blaze.

He said more than 1,400 fire departments use Adashi’s technology, including crews in New South Wales.

Kalasa said he was proud to see his company’s technology being used to save lives in the field and said, given the number of fire departments that used the product, he would be surprised if this is the only time it’s happened.

“This is probably happening every day,” Kalasa said.