Baltimore Mayor Young signs bill to make all Baltimore single-occupancy bathrooms gender-inclusive

All publicly available single-occupancy bathrooms in Baltimore are now required to be gender-inclusive after Bernard C. “Jack” Young signed a bill banning gender-specific restrooms into law Saturday during Baltimore’s Pride Parade.

Young made Baltimore the latest major metropolitan city to ban the use of gender-specific single-use bathrooms at private and publicly owned establishments.

Bill 19-0385 will also require gender-inclusive signage, as words like “All Gender” or “Gender Included” will be mandated over gender-specific signage. Establishments can also just call them “restrooms.”

Philadelphia, Washington and New York have passed similar measures to ban gender-specific single-occupancy bathrooms in recent years.

The Fairness for All Marylanders Act of 2014 already prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity at public accommodations, housing and employment.

On Twitter, City Councilman Zeke Cohen wrote, “To our trans and gender non binary brothers, sisters and siblings: We see you, we hear you, and we love you.”

“It was a pleasure to participate in our city’s #Pride celebration today and sign Bill 19-0385, which requires all single-occupancy restrooms in Baltimore City to be gender-inclusive,” the mayor wrote on Twitter.

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