Baltimore City

Baltimore crossing guard in critical condition after being hit by vehicle outside elementary school

Antionette Ryan Johnson, president of the City Union of Baltimore, commands the microphones with (from left) Brandon Scott, mayor; Steve Sharkey, director of the department of transportation; and Michael Harrison, police commissioner, outside the Johns Hopkins Hospital hours after a city crossing guard was struck. (Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun Staff)

A crossing guard is in critical condition at the Johns Hopkins Hospital after she was hit by a vehicle Wednesday morning, Mayor Brandon Scott said in a news conference.

Scott did not identify the woman, who’s been a crossing guard for 28 years. She was standing in the road at 7:20 a.m. at the 3800 block of Sinclair Lane to help children walk across the street to Sinclair Lane Elementary School in Belair-Edison when a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed struck the guard, he said. No children had walked into the street when the incident occurred. The driver remained at the scene, Scott said.


“We have investigated over 1,000 accidents in the city since the first of September, many due to people driving at excess speeds,” Scott said.

Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said the crash is under investigation.


Antionette Ryan Johnson, president of the City Union of Baltimore, said she will meet with Scott’s administration to ensure better safety measures for city workers.

“There is no urgency that should lead to such recklessness and placing others in danger. We cannot become numb to harming others,” Johnson said. “Residents need to respect and appreciate the services of city employees.”

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