Baltimore City

Baltimore animal control rescues 133 cats from city home, officials say

Baltimore Animal Control removed 133 cats from a rowhouse Tuesday in what the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter described as an “out of control” hoarding situation.

The shelter inherited the felines, reporting the cats’ health and temperament ranged vastly, the shelter said in a news release. “Many will need extensive medical care and time to adjust.”


Someone in the Mt. Clare community called Baltimore City Animal Control because they were concerned about the welfare of their neighbor’s pets, the shelter said.

Animal control employees arrived at the residence Tuesday, expecting to find 90 cats, according to the animal shelter. Instead, “they were shocked” to discover the residents had 133 cats in the house, according to the release.


The shelter described the condition in the house as “overwhelming,” adding that “it was clear the situation had been out of control for quite some time.”

Animal control told the owners the cats had to be confiscated for their health; the owners complied, according to the shelter.

The shelter and animal control devised a plan to relocate the animals.

“Even with the 247 cats already in our care, we are making room in our shelter for 133 more all at once,” the shelter said.

The shelter asked for donations to be able to support the “scared kitties” with food, medical care and housing.