Mysterious 'NYPD' logo on BGE helicopter is no more

BGE has decided to cover up an “NYPD” logo from a helicopter monitoring its power lines in the region.

A private contractor, Catalyst, had been using the helicopter, which was part of a production shoot for an HBO show, to conduct routine visual inspections of towers from the air, said Nick Alexopulos, a BGE spokesman. It’s still unclear which show the helicopter was used to film.

”We became aware that the logo was on the side yesterday and we talked to [the contractor],” Alexopulos said, adding in an email that it was covered before takeoff this morning.

Each year, during one month, BGE inspects about 20 percent of its towers, Alexopulos said. The helicopters allow inspectors to take zoomed-in photographs, even “down to the bolts that are holding the equipment in place,” to detect any defects, he added.

“The traditional method, basically you’ve got to send people out there to climb the towers,” Alexopulos said. “So this is quicker, more efficient, safer.”

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