Since relaunching the city's network in 2017, Baltimore transportation officials have said speed or red light cameras could be posted at the following locations.

Explore the map below for an overview of speed and red light camera locations. Use the search function to see cameras around your area.

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The map will be updated as the city announces the location of other cameras.

Speed cameras:

  • Frederick Douglass High School: 1800-2400 block of Gwynns Falls Parkway
  • Vanguard Collegiate Middle School: 5400-5700 block Moravia Road
  • Holy Angels Catholic School: 900-1200 block of South Caton Avenue
  • Edmondson Westside High School: 4200-4500 block of Edmondson Avenue
  • Glenmount Elementary/Middle School: 5900-6400 Walther Avenue
  • Baltimore Polytechnic Institute/Western High School: 1200-1600 West Cold Spring Lane
  • Gwynns Falls Elemantary School: 2600-2800 Gwynns Falls Parkway
  • Gilman School: 100-800 West Northern Parkway
  • Hamilton Elementary/Middle School: 6000-6200 Harford Road
  • Mergenthaler High School, St. Elizabeth School, and the Baltimore City College High School: 3400-3900 The Alameda
  • Baltimore City College High School: 1000-1300 33rd Street
  • Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary School: 4200-4600 Liberty Heights Avenue
  • Frederick Elementary School: 2500-2900 Frederick Avenue
  • Benjamin Banneker Eubie Blake Academy: 1200-1400 Woodbourne Avenue
  • Westport Academy Elementary Middle School: 2500-2700 Waterview Avenue
  • Wolfe Street Academy: 200-300 South Wolfe Street
  • Mergenthaler High School: 3300-3600 Loch Raven Boulevard
  • Hamilton Elementary/Middle School: 6000-6100 Old Harford Road
  • Maree G. Farring Elementary/Middle School: 100-300 East Patapsco Avenue
  • Arlington Elementary/Middle School: 5300-5500 Park Heights Avenue
  • Archbishop Curley High School: 4200 – 4400 Erdman Avenue
  • Curtis Bay Elementary/Middle School: 4200 – 4800 Pennington Avenue
  • Northwood Elementary School, Lois T. Murray Elementary School: 4700 Hillen Road – 5200 Perring Parkway
  • Unseld's School, Sarah M. Roach Elementary School, Green Street Academy: 5400 – 5700 South Hilton Street
  • Baltimore Junior Academy: 4600 – 4700 Reisterstown Road
  • Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts: 1300 – 1400 West Franklin St. EB
  • Samuel Morse Elementary School: 1 – 200 South Monroe Street
  • Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy: 1300 – 1400 West Mulberry St. WB

Red light cameras:

  • Reisterstown Road (Southbound) at Patterson Avenue
  • East North Avenue (Westbound) at North Howard Street
  • South Monroe Street (Northbound) at Washington Boulevard
  • South Monroe Street (Southbound) at Washington Boulevard
  • Belair Road (Southbound) at Erdman Avenue
  • Erdman Avenue (Eastbound) at Belair Road
  • Pulaski Highway (Eastbound) at North Point Road
  • North Calvert Street (Northbound) at East Baltimore Street
  • Harford Northbound and The Alameda
  • Harford Southbound and The Alameda
  • West Northern Parkway Eastbound and Greenspring Avenue
  • West Northern Parkway Westbound and Greenspring Avenue
  • Erdman Avenue Eastbound and North Macon Street
  • Erdman Avenue Westbound and North Macon Street
  • East 33rd Street Eastbound and Greenmount Avenue
  • East 33rd Street Westbound and Greenmount Avenue
  • Loch Raven Boulevard Northbound and East Belvedere Avenue
  • Loch Raven Boulevard Southbound and East Belvedere Avenue
  • Pulaski Highway Eastbound and Moravia Park Drive
  • West Northern Parkway Westbound and Falls Road
  • North Fulton Avenue Northbound and West North Avenue
  • Light Street Southbound and West Pratt Street/East Pratt Street
  • West Pratt Street Eastbound and Light Street
  • East Madison Street Westbound and North Linwood Avenue
  • East Belvedere Avenue Eastbound and Hillen Road
  • Aliceanna Street Eastbound and South Wolfe Street
  • Aliceanna Street Westbound and South Wolfe Street
  • Liberty Heights Avenue Eastbound and West Northern Parkway
  • Liberty Heights Avenue Westbound and West Northern Parkway
  • Cold Spring Lane and Falls Road
  • Eastern Avenue and Patterson Park Avenue
  • North Avenue and North Wolfe Street
  • Pennsylvania Avenue and Dolphin Street
  • Martin Luther King Boulevard and Fayette Street