What has five sides and one new name? Baltimore's World Trade Center gets rebranded

The 30-story pentagonal tower with the internationally famous designer and locally prominent footprint in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor will no longer be known just as the World Trade Center.

Reflecting a multimillion-dollar upgrade, its new leasing agents have decided to play up the equally upscale downtown address. It will be rebranded as 401 East Pratt.

Terri Harrington, senior vice president at MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate, said the firm is not completely ditching the name World Trade Center, which has meaning locally and ties to 250 other such centers in 55 countries around the world — including the best-known complex in New York City that was the target of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. (A piece of the metal from there rests on a pedestal in front of the Baltimore building.)

“Rebranding is the name of the game on Pratt Street right now,” said Harrington, noting other investments in what’s been considered main street downtown. “However, everything will be tagged with The World Trade Center Baltimore — the address is just going to be more prevalently marketed.”

The building is owned by the state and anchored by the Maryland Department of Commerce and the Maryland Port Administration and has about two dozen other tenants, according to CoStar Group. It’s about 82 percent leased. Harrington wants to garner a little attention to the available space.

Designed by I.M. Pei, the Chinese-American modernist architect known for the Louvre pyramid in Paris, the Kennedy Library in Boston and the Natioanl Gallery of Art East Building in Washington, the World Trade Center has been a showpiece in the harbor. The fancy name didn’t do much for tenants who over the years have dealt with flooding and poor mechanical equipment, among other issues before the renovations.

The renovations include upgrades to the spaces and systems, and included addition of a fitness center. More improvements are being considered.



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